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We provide custom fences for all your sport fencing projects. Whether it be for tennis courts, baseball fields, batting cages, backstops or multipurpose courts, we have the product to fit your needs. We offer both residential grade and commercial grade chain link and also offer vinyl coated chain link fencing that is thermally bonded for ultimate adhesion to prevent future peeling.

Make an old looking galvanized tennis court fence more aesthetically pleasing by changing it to all black. By sleeving over existing posts and rails with black pvc sleeves, (made especially for tennis courts), and replacing the fabric, the court gets a fresh look without disturbing the court surface and at a substantial savings. For added protection and privacy we can also install pvt slats in the chain link.

We have done numerous sport fencing projects for homeowners associations, schools, hotels, private residences, and little leagues.

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Athletic Fence Installation in Great Falls, VA for:

Sports & Tennis Court Fences

Pickleball & Tennis Court Fences in Great Falls, VA

Looking for reliable, quality tennis court fencing in Great Falls, VA? Alaska Fence Company specializes in sports fencing and can transform your tennis court with our premium chain link fencing services. With over 50 years of experience, we can ensure your fence follows all local guidelines and regulations. Our specialized fencing not only provides a secure perimeter for your court but also introduces a sleek and uniform aesthetic.

With a focus on durability and low maintenance, our vinyl coated chain link fences are designed to withstand the demands of the game while offering players an unobstructed view of the court. Elevate the safety and visual appeal of your athletic facility with our top-tier tennis court fencing services. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us customize a tennis court fence that blends seamlessly with your surroundings while delivering unparalleled performance.

Backstops & Outfield Fences in Great Falls, VA

Fencing for baseball fields is essential. Ensure the utmost safety for players and spectators with our premium backstops and outfield fencing services in Great Falls, VA. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing backstop or install a new outfield fence, our professional team of fence builders in Great Falls, VA is committed to delivering excellence. Our customizable, high-strength chain link backstops are suitable for any ballfield. If you’re looking to limit player distractions or enhance privacy, pvt slats can also be installed. Elevate your baseball facility with our tailored fencing solutions and contact us today for a consultation.

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chain link batting cage

Batting Cage Installation in Great Falls, VA

Revamp your batting practice area with Alaska Fence Company’s exceptional chain link batting cages in Great Falls, VA. Crafted with precision and durability, our batting cages provide a secure and robust environment for players to refine their skills. Tailored to fit your space, our cages offer a professional appearance while ensuring optimal ball containment. Whether for a public park, professional training facility, or a backyard setup, our chain link batting cages stand as a testament to quality and reliability. Enhance your practice sessions with fencing that’s built to withstand the power of every swing. Contact us for a consultation today, and let us create a customized chain link batting cage solution that meets your unique requirements.

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Elevate your sports facility and commit to the safety of your players and spectators with our expert sports fencing services in Great Falls, VA. Alaska Fence Company has decades of experience in athletic field fencing and will provide a seamless fence installation process. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote!


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