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Our Virginia-based fence company installs commercial, industrial, and institutional fences of all types and sizes. We provide commercial fencing solutions in McLean, VA for local, state and federal governments, associations, corporations, sports clubs, storage facilities, hotels, apartments, and other entities. 

Alaska Fence has been designing and installing custom, high-quality fences in McLean, VA for over 50 years.

Commercial fencing solutions are designed to provide security and privacy for businesses, organizations, and government entities. Commercial fences come in various styles and materials, including steel, aluminum, chain-link, vinyl, and wood. Steel and aluminum fences offer durability and strength, making them ideal for high-security areas. Chain-link fences are affordable, easy to install, and low maintenance, making them popular for industrial and commercial applications.

In addition to providing security, commercial fences can also be used for aesthetic purposes. They can add value and curb appeal to a property while still providing privacy and protection. For example, ornamental metal, iron, steel or aluminum fences can create an elegant look for commercial properties, while vinyl and wood fences can provide a more traditional appearance.

When it comes to commercial fencing solutions, it’s essential to work with an experienced and professional fencing company. Alaska Fence can help you choose the right type of fence based on your needs and budget, and provide expert installation services to ensure your fence is secure, durable, and long-lasting.

While we construct fences of all types and sizes, we specialize in the following
commercial fence applications:

Sport Fences

We provide custom fences for all your sport fencing projects. Whether it be for tennis courts, baseball fields, batting cages, backstops or multipurpose courts, we have the product to fit your needs.

Pool Fences

We install pool fencing during or after pool construction. Aside from providing privacy, swimming pool fence safety requirements vary within the DMV area. Don't ruin the joys of having a pool by skipping this crucial step.

Security Fences

We provide security and protection with our installations of chain link fences, sliding gates, and a variety of locking devices, including gate keypads. We offer security fences for government and commercial installations.

Warehouse Cages

Alaska Fence has built chain link cages for warehouses, government buildings, and apartments. Our cages are bolted to the concrete floor and can accommodate any configuration and specification.

Commercial Fence Installation in McLean, VA

Our commercial fence installation process seamlessly guides you through the necessary steps to ensure a successful outcome. It all starts by contacting us to schedule an appointment, allowing us to fully understand your unique requirements. Once your appointment is scheduled, we conduct a comprehensive site visit where we discuss fence style and layout, taking into account the specific needs of your commercial property. Once we have a clear vision, we submit a detailed bid, ensuring transparency in pricing and project scope. With the contract signed and finalized, we promptly order the necessary materials to begin installation. Prioritizing safety and compliance with state laws, we contact Miss Utility to mark any underground lines, ensuring the avoidance of potential hazards. Finally, we work collaboratively to determine an agreed-upon installation date that suits your schedule, guaranteeing a seamless transition from planning to execution. Our team of expert fence builders is committed to delivering a hassle-free commercial fence installation experience, leaving you with a durable, low-maintenance fence that will last you decades.

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